Digital Consumer Journey

I developed a strategy to help Spirit Airlines reframe its target audience and create a customer-friendly online experience. 


Independent Study is a semester-long, individual project that acts as a culmination of everything Creative Brand Managers learn in our two years at the Brandcenter. Each student is responsible for securing a client and working with it to solve a strategic business problem. 

CHALLENGE: Get the bargain customer to buy tickets through instead of an aggregator or an online travel agent.

PROBLEM:’s current consumer journey leaves customers feeling like they’ve been cheated by another evil airline. 

How We Think the Online Customer Journey Goes...

How the Online Customer Journey Actually Goes...


TARGET: Budget Excursionists are passionate yet pragmatic. They’re always looking for new experiences or new destinations, but they like to do so on a budget. They will seek out advice from family, friends and online resources because they trust people more than companies.

Budget Excursionists spend a lot of time anticipating and researching purchases before buying. For them, there’s an innate thrill in finding a deal and beating the system.

INSIGHT: Budget Excursionists feel that they’re getting a better deal when they’re in control of the discounts.

STRATEGY: Spirit helps customers face the all-powerful airline industry by putting them in the discount driver’s seat.

CREATIVE: Clarify and focus's messaging to better represent the brand's commitment to customer choice and savings. 


Team: Chris Lumain (Art Direction), Tim Shumar (Copywriting), Lindsay Wade (Brand Strategist)