Green Flame

Green Flame

Rebrand + Campaign

We built a consumer-facing sub-brand that humanized Green Biologics and its future products. 

Green Biologics is a B2B chemical company that began its 2017 expansion into B2C products with a plant-based lighter fluid, Green Flame. 

BRAND PROBLEM: Green Flame may be safer for consumers and the environment, but Green Biologics' highly scientific branding made people confused and mistrustful. 

INSIGHT: Many people mistakenly equate chemically-derived products with harmful products.

OBJECTIVE: Make science a force for good again.

SOLUTION: We built a consumer-facing sub brand that humanized Green Biologics and any future B2C products. 

BRAND STRATEGY: Share the enthusiastic love for science that drives everyone in the Green Biologics labs. 

Introducing Weizmann's, Green Biologics' B2C sub-brand, named after Chaim Weizmann who discovered the acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation process. Green Biologics uses the same process today to develop plant-based alternatives to household products. Associating Weizmann's name with the Green Biologics brand gives the company a much-needed human element and makes it seem more trustworthy to consumers.  

We rebranded Green Flame as the clean, friendly alternative to petroleum-based lighter fluid. 


Then we showed people how Flame Food made their food taste better. 

PRODUCT BENEFIT: Food tastes better without a petroleum aftertaste.

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: Better flame, better food.

Team: Mason Brown (Experience Design), Tom Daley (Copywriting), Lizzy Hopkinson (Copywriting), Chris Lumain (Art Direction), Jasmine McCrae (Art Direction), Melanie Thompson (Strategy), Lindsay Wade (Creative Brand Management)