Airbnb Business

Airbnb Business

Marketing Event

We started a business travel revolution to get people with a Startup Mindset to use Airbnb Business.


PROBLEM: The typical Airbnb customer embraces the sharing economy but prefers to stay in hotels on business trips. 

TARGET: We created a profile by the name of the Startup Mindset to help Airbnb Business hone in on a unique audience. Someone with a Startup Mindset is invested in their business. They're comfortable roughing it for their career and even see it as a point of pride.

ENEMY: The bland, cushy corporate business trip.

STRATEGY: Lead the business travel revolution. 

CONCEPT: There's pushback when you start a revolution.


Our team scheduled three consecutive hours of an Airbnb Business protest that would take place outside of a residence in downtown Philadelphia.

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Team: Frank Garguilo (Art Direction), Tim Shumar (Copywriting), Christin Johnson (Strategy), Dean Weber (Copywriting), Keilani Mansfield (Experience Design), Lindsay Wade (Creative Brand Management)