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Lindsay Wade

Brand Strategist


I’ve spent most of my life learning to embrace my own social awkwardness. The sort of awkward that sneaks an entire Italian sub into the movie theater for dinner. 

So, when I grew up and went to college, I majored in Literary and Cultural Studies because I wanted to understand how (other) people think. I used my interest in culture to begin a career in public relations and a small side business writing dating profiles for friends who were unlucky in love. 

I realized the things I liked most about PR and dating profiles had to do with branding. 

And that prompted me to do the most exciting and terrifying thing I could think of : apply to the VCU Brandcenter, which is sort of like Fight Club for ideas. 

Two years and a lot of personal growth later, I've come out with an M.S. in Creative Brand Management and an appreciation for a really good brand strategy.